Our Services


    To protect and prevent a range of diseases and infections
  • Childhood/6 weeks’ baby (preferably in the mornings in case of side effects) and any other immunisations.
  • Occupational health immunisations.
  • Travel Vaccine/Accredited for Yellow Fever Vaccines.


    Our Practice is focused on promoting health and wellbeing in women’s health
  • PAP screening (for good health, our practice recalls female patients every 2 years).
  • Breast checks & referral for mammography
  • Family planning options & fertility counselling.
  • Implanon insertion and removal, copper and mirena IUDs, antenatal shared care
  • General check-ups


    Preventative care is our focused on promoting health and wellbeing in men’s health at Dee Why Medical Centre
  • Your GP can advise you regarding recommended health checks 
  • Tests for cardiovascular disease risk factors; raised blood pressure and cholesterol 
  • Prostate screening
  • Bowel screening
  • Skin cancer check
  • Family planning options
  • Sexual health – sexual function such as loss of sexual drive (reduce libido), erection problems or premature ejaculation


    Our Practice is focused on promoting health and wellbeing in families
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Antenatal Shared Care (a program for pregnant women who are going through the public hospital system but who would like their own GP (General Practitioner) to care for them as well).
  • Baby Checks/Antenatal 6 weeks’ checks. (Please bring along your Blue Book to this consultation to ensure all their statistics are recorded for your convenience).


    Our Practice is focused on promoting health and wellbeing and preventative health care
  • Care Plans (Please discuss any health concerns/chronic illnesses and managed goals with doctor. We are able to provide assessments and health care plans in order to promote health, wellbeing and preventative health care.


    A comprehensive annual health check is recommended for all people aged over 75 to identify any health issues and optimise quality of life
  • A comprehensive annual health check is recommended for all people aged over 75 to identify any health issues and optimise quality of life
  • Nutrition
  • Safety in home
  • Care arrangement
  • Support networks
  • Medication
  • Head to Toe Annual Checkup
  • Driving Medical Assessments
  • Blood Pressure/Healthy Heart Checks



  • Pre-Employment Medical Assessments (only consultations) excluding Spirometry Lung Function, Audiometry, Drug screening, ECG Heart Check and 24 Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Insurance Medical Assessments & Reports


1 in every 5 Australians — about 4 million people — suffers from a mental illness in a given year. If you suffer with a mental health issue like depression or anxiety you are not alone. Your mental wellbeing has an enormous impact on not just how you feel, think, sleep, behaviour or daily function but it can also influence other health factors like heart health and your ability to manage other conditions.

If you are concerned about any mental health issues including depression, anxiety, addictions ,post natal depression, phobias, panic attacks, stress,grief or loss or relationship issues please talk to one of our doctors for advice. Getting help is vitally important. Many of our doctors have a special interest and additional training in mental health and psychology. We can offer advice, counselling and referral when appropriate to other health care professionals like psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and mental health counsellors.

At Dee Why Medical Centre, we also have experienced clinical psychologists and drug and alcohol rehab GP on site. Some patients may be eligible for a mental health care plan and medicare rebates for psychological services.




Skin cancers are amongst the most common cancers in our community if diagnosed and treated early can be cured.Get to know your own skin well. 

If you think you have a suspicious spot, the first step is to talk to your GP.

At Dee Why Medical Centre, our doctors are experienced in performing skin checks to detect skin cancers. High risk individuals such as those with fair skin, increased numbers of unusual moles, a lot of sun exposure, a family history of melanoma in a first degree relative and previous melanoma or other skin cancer would benefit from regular self checks and skin checks by a doctor.

  • Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen)
  • Minor Surgery
  • Treat some skin cancers
  • Provide care you might need, as well as followup
  • Provide information on skin cancer prevention
  • Refer to skin specialist